Explore the textile heritage of Spartanburg, SC
with this self guided tour.

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Spartanburg’s textile industry began in 1816, and the community grew to become one of the nation’s mightiest textile centers, eventually becoming known as “the Lowell of the South.” More than 100,000 men, women, and children labored in Spartanburg County textile mills over the course of two centuries.

This tour give you a glimpse into their lives. It also lets you travel through time. You’ll discover a business from the 1800’s that is still operating today, along with mills that now have a second life after significant changes in the industry. You’ll have a chance to rub elbows with folks who are intricately connected to our textile heritage.

Each tour is designed with history and your appetite in mind. The half day tour offers an overview with a breakfast and lunch option. The full day provides an in-depth adventure with an opportunity for three meals.

Grab a camera, hit the road and discover why Spartanburg is a textile town. Download the Guide

This tour is produced by the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau

Textiles are just one way that Spartanburg has shaped the history of the country. This only happens in a place that’s truly revolutionary. Come see for yourself. Learn more.

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