Hub City Bookshop (Half-Day: 5 of 8)

Driving Instructions

The Driving Directions represent the most direct and scenic route.

  • from #9, turn RIGHT (West) on E. St. John Street
  • Turn LEFT on Magnolia Street
  • Straight through the first Stop Sign
  • Turn RIGHT at the second Stop Sign on to Main Street
  • #9 is on the RIGHT

186 West Main Street Spartanburg, SC 29306

Additionally Google Maps has been provided as a resource.

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Hub City Bookshop

This old Masonic Temple building is home to Spartanburg’s independent bookstore. Here you can browse the local history titles, including Textile Town, a “people’s history,” with plenty of first-person accounts of mill life and more than 400 photos.

Among the other textile books you can find here are: Common Ties by Katherine Cann, the story of Spartanburg’s Textile Industrial Institute; Southern Workers and the Search for Community by G.C. Waldrep, the story of local mill strikes of the 1930s-1950s; and Mill and Town in South Carolina by Spartanburg native David Carlton, the story of conflicts between mill villagers and the emerging professional classes.

The Masonic Temple, built in 1928, is still in use by members of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of South Carolina. The founders of this lodge included many of the men who built the mills throughout Spartanburg County.

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